Friday, 24 June 2011

Some old'ish artwork and photography; hand stitched graphic illustration of Chloe (this took forever to do! Just the stitching took about 10 hours in total). Chloe's photography and an illustration i did for a few projects ago.
Modelling the Blackpool dress and harem pants.

A few more pictures, as promised.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Just a few quick pictures, i'll be uploading some more shortly. Top, backstage wearing the harem pants, middle, wearing the Blackpool dress in the finale (made by Jess Campbell-Plover), and above, all of the 2nd year students who took part in the fashion show.

Fashion Show!!!

It's been a long and hungry day, but it's been so worth it! My hair was pulled back into the tightest, most backcombed bun you could ever imagine, and it's been giving me a pumping headache, but everyone looked fantastic! I modelled two outfits, a pair of dark harem pants, and the most amazing Blackpool inspired dress covered in ice creams (this one was by far my favourite!) I'll be uploading pictures very soon, so keep your eyes out!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

I love David Foldvari's illustrations, he makes me want to pick up a pen right now and just start drawing!

At the end of my last project, i had to take pictures of my book and all of my work for a digital portfolio, this is only a very small sample of my favourite pages.

Just finishing off my last project to do with old love letters. I've litteraly been swamped under parcels, envelopes and stamps for the past month! I also found this beautiful book which my friend owns, i'm using it as inspiration for my current project and it's called 'The Ballad Of Nanny Floff'. It's a beautiful book filled with lovely photography, i recomend giving it a look!

I guess i've got to start somewhere!

It's a new day and a new blog for me. I've set up this blog in the hope to share my artwork to the rest of the syber world, so here goes!